Booking guided tours for groups

Let our guides take you on a tour of the gardens and glasshouse, of our historic environments or in Linnaeus’s home and gardens.

A tour takes about one hour and are always led by our own guides. Groups larger than 10 people must book a guide in advance. For the best quality of experience, groups should be no larger than 25 people.

All groups larger than 9 people should book their visit in advance. 


phone:+46-18-471 28 38 (weekdays 9.30am–11.30am)

We will answer your questions within two working days.

Booked groups during the covid-19 pandemic

Please note that we may have to reduce the numbers of participants on guided tours and that access to our buildings may be limited due to restrictions in 2021. Contact us for more information.

Current status September 2021

At the moment we are closed for all booked groups except schools, due to the current restrictions. We will welcome any booked groups to The Tropical Greenhouse and to The Linnaeus Museum from the beginning of October.

Admission rates for groups of 10 or more people

When you book a guided tour of one of the Linnaean Gardens you pay a tour charge and reduced entry charge.

Guided tours are always hold by our staff or guides authorized by The Linnaean Gardens of Uppsala. Please, contact our booking service for questions concerning authorization.

Tour charge

  • Weekdays 9am–4.30pm: 1000 kr per guide
  • Evenings and weekends: 1600 kr per guide

If you would like the guide to wear 18th century costume there is an added starting fee of 1,000 SEK per guide.

The reduced entry charge (at least 10 persons)

  • The Botanical Garden: the park is free of charge, The Tropical Greenhouse 40 kr/person
  • The Linnaeus Garden or Linnaeus' Hammarby, adults: 80 kr/person 
  • The Linnaeus Garden or Linnaeus' Hammarby, visitors over 65:  60 kr/person)
  • The Linnaeus Garden + Linnaeus' Hammarby: 100 kr/person (senior citizens 65+ 80 kr/person)
  • Special offer 2021: Outdoor ticket for Linnaeus Hammarby (manor excluded) or The Linnaeus Garden (The Linnaeus Museum excluded): 40 SEK per person.

We offer a 50% discount on the lowest entrance fee if you book group visits to Linnaeus’ Hammarby and The Linnaeus Garden on the same day.

The reduced entry charge is only valid for groups that book their visit in advance.

Botanical Garden: guided tours

Guided tours of the Botanical Garden may be booked throughout the year. You can choose between a tour of the Tropical Glasshouse or an outdoor tour.

During the summer months it is also possible to arrange a tour of the Linnaeus Garden (the original botanic garden on Svartbäcksgatan) or Linnaeus' Hammarby (Linnaeus’ summer residence outside Uppsala).

Linnaeus Garden and Linnaeus Museum

For guided tours of the Linnaeus Garden you can choose whether to visit just the Garden, just the Professor’s Residence (the Linnaeus Museum) or both attractions. The Linnaeus Museum has a maximum capacity of 40 people, of which no more than 15 people may be on the upper floor at any one time. For larger groups, we therefore recommend a combined tour of the Museum and Garden.

Group visits to the Linnaeus Museum may only be booked outside normal opening times, i.e. before 11.00 or after 16.30.

A tour takes about one hour, and are always hold by our staff or guides authorized by The Linnaean Gardens of Uppsala. 

It is essential that all groups larger than 10 persons book their visit to the Garden and/or the Museum in advance.

Via our booking service you can also book visits to Linnaeus' Hammarby (open May – September) and the Botanical Garden (open throughout the year).

Linnaeus’ Hammarby

A guided tour of Linnaeus’ Hammarby takes about one hour and includes both the dwelling house and the garden. As no more than 45 people can be admitted to the dwelling house at any one time, it is essential that all groups book in advance. The dwelling house can only be visited with one of our staff guides.

All groups larger than 10 people should book their visit in advance. Best time for a group visit in May – August is before 10.30 am, 1.30-2.30 pm or after 4.30 pm.

Why not take the opportunity to book a guided tour of The Linnaeus garden and Linnaeus Museum (on Svartbäcksgatan in Uppsala), or The Botanical Garden in connection with your visit to Hammarby?

Booking a school activity

Let our education officers take your school class or preschool group on a guided tour of our gardens and glasshouses, our historic environments, or around Linnaeus’s home and gardens. You can also book an activity session for your school in the Botanical Garden, Linnaeus Garden, Linnaeus Mueum or at Linnaeus’ Hammarby.

A guided tour takes about 45 minutes. To get the most out of the tour the group should not be larger than 20 students. For planting and other activities, the group size should not exceed 12 children.

Visits to the Linnaeus Museum and to the Botanical Garden may be booked year round.


phone:+46-18-471 28 38 (weekdays 9.30am–11.30am)

We will answer your questions within two working days.

Last modified: 2021-09-16