The Linnaean Gardens – more than just plants and Linnaeus

Table set for an 18th century feast in The Linnaeus Garden. In the background the yellow facade of the Orangery.

Eat & drink, shop and celebrate

In the Linnaean Gardens of Uppsala, botany and cultural history are intertwined with art and enjoyment of the gardens.

Café Victoria in the Botanical Gardens and Café Sara Lisa at Linnaeus' Hammarby offer tea and coffee in a relaxing environment. The block surrounding the Linnaeus Garden houses many cafées.

I our museum shops you will find literature, games, and other products that will inspire you or your child to discover nature and grow plants. We have gifts that encourage your friends to try new sustainable habits, and a wide assortment of products with botanical motifs.

The Linnaeanum in the Botanical Gardens and the Orangery in the Linnaeus Garden are unique and ideal locations for wedding receptions, family occasions and corporate events.

Pastries, salads and lunches

The cafés in the Linnaean Gardens of Uppsala are open from May to the end of September but closed in the winter. In the area around the Botanical Garden, lunch restaurants can be found at Blåsenhus, at the Evolutionary Biology Centre (Evolutionsbiologiskt centrum) and in Engelska Parken. These are open on weekdays.

Museum shops

Stock up on gifts in one of our museum shops. We sell books, gifts, stationery, and everyday goods connected with gardens, biology, and cultural history. 

Unique settings for celebrations and events

Linneanum in The Botanical Garden and The Orangery in The Linnaeus Garden  are all ideal spots for wedding parties, family holidays and corporate events.

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Last modified: 2023-11-21