Art and knowledge in the Linnaeus Garden

In the Orangery in the Linnaeus Garden there is a permanent exhibition about the history of the garden and Linnaeus the scientist. Artists can also exhibit their work in the Orangery during the summer. 

Linnaeus and his garden

An exhibition about Carl Linnaeus and the history of the garden.

Permanent exhibition, open May–September. In the Orangery, The Linnaeus Garden.

Botanical Art by Bo Mossberg

Bo Mossberg is one of the most prominent botanical artists in Sweden. We show a collection of his many detailed drawings.

18 May – 15 September, 2024

Open Tuesday–Friday, and Sunday 11:00–15:00, in the Orangery in the Linnaeusgarden. 

June–August open Monday–Friday, and Sunday. Midsummers Eve closed.

Illustration by Bo Mossberg: small tortoiseshell drinking nectar from a pink rudbeckia flower

Former exhibitions in The Linnaeus Garden

2023: The Linnaeus Garden 100 years

2022: Flower dresses

2022: The Swedish National Flower

2021: Flowers, plants, and nature – drawings and paintings created by staff and friends of The Linnaean Gardens of Uppsala.

2019–2020: Bulbi Rudbeckii – illustrations of bulbous plants from Olof Rudbeck’s book Campus elysii.

2018: Bevingad flora – photo art by florist Linnea Persson and photographer Peter Ericsson

2015: A Flower Cascade - fotographies by Mats Wilhelm

2013: Från livets tråd till livets träd – systematik och fylogeni i DNA-åldern

2011: Colour of Nature, Matters in Motion – Jeanette Schäring

2011: Är du vid sunda vätskor?

2010: Geotrans i fjärilsland – Fredrik Wretman, Katinka Andersson

2009: Stilt house – Joan Backes

Last modified: 2024-04-03