O-ringen special at Linnaeus

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  • Location: Linnéträdgården, Svartbäcksgatan 27 Svartbäcksgatan 27, Uppsala
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  • Organiser: Uppsala linneanska trädgårdar
  • Contact person: Lotta S Saetre
  • Visning, Kulturevenemang

Extended opening hours until 19.00 during Monday-Friday 25-29 July. Guided tours adapted for families throughout July 27th, about the flower king Carolus Linnaeus – Uppsala's most well known celebrity.

The O-ringen is a five-day orienteering competition that takes place annually in different areas of Sweden, with international competitors taking part. In 2022 O-ringen makes a return visit to Uppsala.


Note! If the O-ringen competition is cancelled, so it this event at the Linnaeus Garden and Museum.

Entrance fee 100 Skr. Free admission for children under age 18 and for employees/students at Uppsala University.

The Linnaeus Museum in full sunshine. In front of the entrance is a bronze sculpture of Linnaeus by Carl Eldh. In the foreground are ferns in the deep shade from a small-leaved linden, Tilia cordata.

Utställningar Linnéträdgården och Linnémuseet