Getting to the The Linnaeus Garden

The Linnaeus Garden is on Svartbäcksgatan 27, north of the pedestrian street.

With bus to the Linnaeus Garden

There are no bus stops right outside the garden. The nearest bus stop is ’Skolgatan’ and 'Stadsbiblioteket', just around the block from The Linnaeus Garden. City bus line 5 (green), 8 (bright red) and10 (pink) stop at Kungsgatan, bus stop Skolgatan. Bus line 6 (brown) and 9 (blue) stop at S:t Olofsgatan, bus stop Stadsbiblioteket. 

  • Bus line 9 (blue) and bus line 6 (brown) stop at Resecentrum where you can catch the train to Arlanda or Stockholm. The bus number 9 will also take you to Linnés Sävja.
  • Regional buses number 110 and 115 leave from  bus stop Skolgatan and pass Gamla Uppsala on the way north. The trip takes about ten minutes and the bus departs twice an hour.

Parkering at the Linnaeus Garden

There are parking lots at Österplan, east of the railway, with entrance from S:t Olofsgatan. At Dragarbrunnsgatan, close to Klostergatan, there is a multi-storeyed car park.

By bus and on foot from The Linnaeus Garden to Linnaeus´ Hammarby

Would you like to spend a day following in Linnaeus’ footsteps? You can start your day with a visit in The Linnaeus Garden, take a southbound bus, visit Linnaeus’ Sävja, and walk the last stretch to Linnaeus’ Hammarby on the Danmark Linnaeus Trail.

Take city bus no 9 towards Bergsbrunna from bus stop Stadsbiblioteket. It connects to the Danmark Linnaeus Trail at bus stops Kuggebro, Sävja kyrka (Linnaeus’ Sävja), and at the terminus Nyckelaxet in Bergsbrunna.

The walking distance from Kuggebro to Hammarby is c 10 km, from Linnaeus’ Sävja c 6,5 km, and from Nyckelaxet c 5 km. The trail from Kuggebro to Nyckelaxet follows footpaths and cycle tracks. Just over half of the the trail between Nyckelaxet and Linnaeus’ Hammarby follows public roads. The trail is marked by wooden poles with blue paint and Linnaeus’ silhouette.

Timetable for city bus 9.


Uppsala kommuns karta över Danmanrkvandringen

Map of the Danmark trail (Herbatio Danensis). The map below, with all bus stops marked, is published in a folder also available as a pdf-file at the website for Danmark Linnaeus Trail. 

Karta över Linnéstigens dragning, med busshållplatser markerade
Map from the folder Danmanrksvandringen, produced by Uppsala municipality.

Google Map with part of Danmarksvandringen marked

The map contains information on how to find the trail from the bus stops. You will also find the position of the Linnaeus garden on the map.

Last modified: 2024-04-08