The Main Gate – Porta magna

Porta magna, The Main Gate, The Linnaeus Garden, Uppsala university

The original iron gates were rediscovered in the 1960s, having been kept in storage by the University, and were rehung in 1967. The ‘overthrow’ – the ornamental structure across the top – was not found, however, and a new one had to be made on the basis of Linnaeus’ description. On the side facing Svartbäcksgatan it is decorated with the lesser coat of arms of Sweden.

On the garden side the overthrow originally bore the arms of the Gyllenborg family, in acknowledgement of their patronage of the garden. The iron for the gates was donated by Count Fredrik Gyllenborg and is stamped with the mark of the Vattholma ironworks; at the time, his elder brother Carl Gyllenborg was Chancellor of the University.

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