Southern Parterre – Area meridionalis

Photo of the Southern Parterre, Area meridionalis, in The Linnaeus Garden with Mediterranean trees in pots. Photo Jesper Kårehed, Uppsala University.

“The Southern Parterre is a large, open area covered with sand. It receives Flora that migrates south from the orangery, and is admirably neat with its flowerpots arranged in rows, which in winter, however, find more suitable lodgings in the Frigidarium.”
Carl Linnaeus, Hortus Upsaliensis 1745

In the summer, plants from the Frigidarium were brought out into the sun on the gravel-covered area in front of the orangery. There were rows of pots and tubs with figs, myrtle, peach, chestnut, mulberry and many, many more. There were also some plants which are grown outdoors today, such as white cedar Thuja occidentalis and alpine thistle Carlina acaulis. Their hardiness was not known in Linnaeus’ day; he thought they would not survive the winters in Uppsala.

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