Garden Paths – Ambulacra

Photo of the graveled central Garden Paths, Ambulacra, in The Linnaeus Garden. Photo Jesper Kårehed, Uppsala Universitet.

The central path is lined with ornamental plants that were grown in and around Uppsala in the 18th century. In Linnaeus’ time, the path along the south-east side of the garden, the Ambulacrum tectum, was a covered walk, offering shade on sunny days. If visitors preferred to walk in the sun, they could choose the north-west path, the Ambulacrum subdiale.

Nowadays, wild strawberries and twinflower Linnaea borealis are grown in the flower bed close the the entrance. Linnaeus had great difficulty in getting twinflower to flourish in the garden and succeeded only in growing it in a flower pot.

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Last modified: 2023-08-02