The Linnaeus Garden – a live textbook of Linnaeus pedagogy

Photo of the white-painted statue Venus Medici in front of the Orangery in The Linnaeus Garden.


The Linnaeus Garden with the professor's residence – the site of the first Swedish botanic garden.

The Linnaeus Garden with the professors residence is the site of the first botanic garden. This is where Carolus Linnaeus made his observations on the transition of seasons and variation of nature amid blossoming flower beds, tight hedges, marshes and ponds. 

Nowadays approximately 1 000 species are grown in the garden following the Linnaean Sexual System. Nowhere else than in his own garden can one appreciate the scientists achievements.

We run and develop the Linnaeus Garden

The Linnean Gardens of Uppsala

The Linnaeus Garden is run by Uppsala University with economic contribution from Uppsala municipality. Together with the Botanical Garden and Linnaeus’ Hammarby it constitutes the Linnaean Gardens of Uppsala.

Historical building

The Linnaeus Garden became a listed historical building in 1935 and is administered by the National Property Board.

The Linnaeus Museaum

The Swedish Linnaeus Society manages the Linnaeus Museum. The house is a listed historical building which is administered by the National Property Board.

Last modified: 2021-05-12