The Linnaeus Garden – a haven in Uppsala

The Linnaeus Garden was the first botanical garden in Sweden founded in 1655 by Olof Rudbeck the elder. It is laid out in the French Style and restored following Linnaeus' and Carl Hårleman's design from 1745. Today approximately 1300 species are grown here. All known to have been cultivated by Linnaeus and arranged according to his own system.

Sweden's oldest botanic garden

Hortus Upsaliensis The Botanical Garden of Uppsala University is the oldest in Sweden. It was founded in 1655 by the polymath Olof Rudbeck the elder, Professor of Medicine. At that time the garden was located in central Uppsala, in the Svartbäcken district near the Fyrisån river (figure). In the garden the medical students could learn botany and study medicinal plants. By the end of the 17th century there were more than 1800 plant species in the garden, many grown for the first time in Sweden – for example the potato.

Olof Rudbeck’s botanic garden was badly damaged during the great Uppsala fire of 1702. As the university lacked resources to restore it, the garden entered a period of decline.

In 1741 Carl Linnaeus was appointed as Director of the, by then, dilapidated botanic garden. He transformed it into one of the foremost gardens in the world. Through his world-wide network of contacts he was able to bring in thousands of plant species. They were grown in a particular order determined by Linnaeus, according to his Sexual System or in ecological plantings. Today, Linnaeus’s botanic garden has been reconstructed according to his original plan from 1745. It is now called the Linnaeus Garden and is a living memorial to the great naturalist.

We run and develop the Linnaeus Garden

The Linnean Gardens of Uppsala

The Linnaeus Garden is run by Uppsala University with economic contribution from Uppsala municipality. Together with the Botanical Garden and Linnaeus’ Hammarby it constitutes the Linnaean Gardens of Uppsala.

Historical building

The Linnaeus Garden became a listed historical building in 1935 and is administered by the National Property Board.

The Linnaeus Museaum

The Swedish Linnaeus Society manages the Linnaeus Museum. The house is a listed historical building which is administered by the National Property Board.


Together, the Botanical Garden, Linnaeus Garden and Linaeus’ Hammarby form the Uppsala Linnaean Gardens and are administratively part of the 'music and museums' division of Uppsala University and run by the University with financial help from Uppsala Municipality.

The Linnaean Gardens have an advisory steering group that contains representatives from Uppsala University and Uppsala Municipality.