Photos from the exhiition of flower dresses

Four dressen made of flowers place between the huge pillars of the building Linneanum.

The exhibition of the flower dresses takes us to a time long ago, beyond time and space. They bring us into the world of fairy tales and the magic of nature. They connect to the flower king Carl Linnaeus’ life and his legacy to the world that you can experience here in the gardens in Uppsala. Each dress is inspired by characters from well-known fairy tales and stories and those who are looking can find several of the flowers in Uppsala’s gardens.

Flower dress with a skirt in White and pink made by roses, french hydrangea and baby's breath.
Sleeping Beauty
Flower dress with skirt in purple, pink and with. A`Some of the floder are French Hydrangea, roses, carnation flowers and baby's breath.
Flower dress with a yellow skirt made of roses, sunflowers and carnation.
Snow white
Flower dress with a dramatic skirt in red and green. Roses, carnation and Grass are the dominating flowers.
The girl with the matches

The dresses are created by Marie Falestam at Humlebo Inredning & trädgård.

Flower dress with a pink, White and bright buken skirt made of roses, French Hydrangea, baby's breath, and larkspur.
Flora in the Linnaeus Garden.
Last modified: 2022-08-09