Flying Seeds

Art installations built on site around Linneanum by six Japanese artists. There will be one installation by each artist and one created by them together.

The exhibition is a collaboration with invited artists from Hokkaido, Japan. The artists Kajsa Haglund and Narek Aghajanyan are curators for Flying Seeds.

25 May – 11 September 2022

Artists: Nobumichi Achi, Hiroshi Kakizaki, Masako Suenaga, Yoko Tamura, Naoko Yako och Ikuo Watanabe.

Open all days 7–21, outside Linneanum in The Botanical Garden.

Close up photo showing the fruitescens of a dandelion.

300 years of weather observations – from Celsius to the present day

This year Uppsala is celebrating 300 years of weather observations. The measurements were started by Uppsala scientists Erik Burman and Anders Celsius in 1722, so this series is one of the oldest continuous series of data about our planet in the world – with great relevance to present-day climate research and future challenges.

In pictures and words the exhibition tells us about Celsius and both his and our present research around climate.

2 June – 3 October 2022

Open all days 7–21, in the north east part of the Baroque Garden in The Botanical Garden.

Photo of the sun skining from a blue sky with cumulus clouds. On one side of the photo a thermometer.

Flower dresses

During one week you can experience five beautiful dresses created entirely from the world of flora, with dried flowers and colorful cut flowers. The dresses are created by Marie Falestam at Humlebo Inredning & trädgård.

29 July  – 6 August 2022

Four of the dresses are located on the stairs at Linneanum in the Botanical Garden below Uppsala Castle. Open 07:00–21:00. 5 August they will move to the court yard at Linneanum.

The fifth dress you can see in the Linnaeus Garden. Open 11:00–20:00. Entrance fees 100 SKr 11:00–17:00.

Photos of flower dresses

Photo of av floder dress made from yellow roses, carnation flowers and sunflowers.

Former exhibitions in the Botanical Garden


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  • Ikebana & Plant Art, The Orangery
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  • Precious Perifery – Johan Eldrot, Siri Leira och Halvor Rønning, The Orangery
  • Närvaro i min trädgård – Mitta Klint-Åberg, Café Victoria
  • Biomosaik – Rackarkonstnärerna, The Baroque Garden
  • En studie i rött – Margaretha Bååth, Café Victoria


  • Face to Face – Lars Holm och Lars Widenfalk, The Orangery
  • Svenska fjärilar – Martin Holmer, Café Victoria
  • Förborgat liv – Sonja Strömkvist Blycker, Café Victoria


  • Jordband & själsvingar – Susanne Bergman

Exhibitions in The Linnaean Gardens

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