The Botanical Garden: book a guided tour

You can book guided tours of the Botanical Garden throughout the year. Choose between a tour of the Tropical Greenhouse or a tour of the garden.

In 2023 the entrance at Villavägen 8 is closed. Do you plan to visit the Tropical Greenhose or Café Victoria and arrive with coach. Take into account that the walk from the arrival point to the greenhouse, via the gate at Norbyvägen, is approximately 300 meters.

During the summer months it is also possible to arrange a tour of the Linnaeus Garden (the original botanical garden on Svartbäcksgatan) or Linnaeus' Hammarby (Linnaeus’ country estate outside Uppsala).

Booking guided tours for groups

Let our guides take you on a tour of the gardens and glasshouse, of our historic sites or Linnaeus’ homes and gardens.

Booked tours take about one hour and are always led by our own guides. Groups larger than 10 people must book a guide in advance. For the best quality of experience, groups should be 25 people or less.

All groups larger than 10 people have to book their visits in advance. 


phone:+46-18 471 28 38 (Monday–Friday 09:30–11:30)

We will answer your questions within two working days.

Prices for groups of 10 people or more

When you book a guided tour of one of the Linnaean Gardens you pay a tour charge and reduced admission.

Guided tours are always led by our staff or guides authorised by The Linnaean Gardens of Uppsala. Please contact our booking service for questions concerning authorisation.

Tour charge

  • Weekdays 9:00–16:30 2024: SEK 1,200 per guide
  • Evenings and weekends 2024: SEK1,800 per guide

If you would like the guide to wear 18th century costume there is an added starting fee of SEK 1,200 per guide.

Reduced admission charge (at least 10 persons)

  • The Botanical Garden: the park admission free, the Tropical Greenhouse SEK 50/person
  • The Linnaeus Garden or Linnaeus' Hammarby, adults: SEK 100/person 
  • The Linnaeus Garden or Linnaeus' Hammarby, visitors over 65: SEK 80/person)
  • Special offer Linnaeus: Outdoor ticket for Linnaeus Hammarby (manor excluded) or the Linnaeus Garden (the Linnaeus Museum excluded): SEK 50 per person.

The reduction is only available for groups that book their visit in advance.

Café Victoria

The gardeners’ century-old bakery and wash house in The Botanical Garden is now Café Victoria. Lunches and pastries made from local, organic and fairtrade ingredients, decorated with flowers from the garden, are served in the shade of parasols and venerable trees. Waffles and ice cream are on offer to tempt the children.

The Café is open daily from the beginning of May to the end of September.

Group visits may be booked by contacting Triller Mat & Bröd, tel. +46-18 55 18 10 or by e-mail to Triller Mat & Bröd.

Venues in Linneanum, the orangery of The Botanical Garden

Are you looking for somewhere to hold a business event, conference or celebration? It would be hard to find a more magnificent venue in central Uppsala than Linneanum. The beautiful Orangery Hall and Linnésalen (Linnaeus Hall), or the grand formal garden during the summer months, provide an exciting, impressive and atmospheric setting for your event.

The venue is available to book from the beginning of May until the end of September.

The catering partner of the Orangery is Cajsa's kök. They will work with you to create a tailor-made catering arrangement that integrates the aim, theme and menu of the event into a seamless whole., phone +46-18-130 190, e-mail.

Last modified: 2024-03-01