Accessibility to The Linnaean Gardens of Uppsala

Our gardens and museums are open to everyone. We aim to make our gardens, glasshouses and other buildings accessible for all.

  • Some of our exhibitions are located in buildings inaccessible for wheelchairs. Some parts of those exhibitions can be visited digitally.
  • Toilets suitable for wheelchair users are available in all our gardens
  • An induction loop is available to borrow in connection with guided tours. It has to be booked in advance (e-mail to our booking office).
  • You are allowed to bring your guide dog inside the buildings. No other animals are allowed indoors. 
  • Disabled access parking (for badge holders) is available at Linnaeus' Hammarby and in the Botanical Garden (Villavägen 8).
  • ​If you need additional assistance, please contact our staff in the museum shop. In the Botanical Garden, contact the staff in the The Tropical Greenhouse. 

The Botanical Garden: accessibility


Toilets suitable for wheelchair users are available beside the Tropical Greenhouse (throughout the year) and by the pond shed close to the Linneanum Orangery (May–October).

Accessibility by wheelchair

The Tropical Greenhouse is accessible for wheelchair users. 

The Linneanum Orangery has a steep ramp on the south side. The threshold of the door can be removed if required – please contact the garden staff for help.

The gates in the east part of the Baroque Garden are closed wintertime. They close when the first snow falls and open again 1 May. 

Induction loop

An induction loop is available on loan for guided tours during the winter months. During the rest of the year it has to be booked in advance (e-mail to our booking office).

Parking and mobility service

Disabled parking spaces are available at Villavägen 6. The distance from these parking spaces to the entrance of the Tropical Greenhouse is 300 meters. The two parking spaces with access from Villavägen 8, close to the Tropical Greenhouse, are closed due to construction work until spring 2024.

From November 2022 until spring 2024 mobility service may use the gates at Villavägen 10-12 to leave or pick up customers to the Tropical Greenhouse. Please observe that you enter an areas with heavy traffic and unprotected people. Drive with care!

You will find a designated area for drop off and pick up about 20 meters from the gates on your left. The distance from the drop off area to the entrance of the greenhouse i approximately 70 meters. The gates have the same opening hours as the Tropical Greenhouse. Exit through the same gates. 

Please, use the street outside the gates at Plantskolegränd for mobility service when the Tropical Greenhouse is closed. The distance from the gates to the entrance of the greenhouse is approximately 150 meters.

Last modified: 2023-02-21