The Botanical Garden throughout the year

Two visitors in front of a decorative border in the Botanical Garden.

The Botanical Garden is open for visitors throughout the year. Each season offers something special.

During the winter the geometric shapes of the Baroque Garden are particularly striking, the Linneanum Orangery is full of Mediterranean trees and bushes, and the Tropical Greenhouse is a haven of warmth and light. With the coming of spring the lawns and rockeries burst with flowering bulbs and anemones. The magnolias, cherries and tulips come into bloom. A wide range of plants continue the floral display throughout the summer. As late summer approaches the kitchen gardens are at their most beautiful and the autumn offers a colourful display from both native and exotic trees and bushes.

The Botanical Garden: opening times

The Park

  • May–September: 7:00–21:00
  • October–April: 7:00–19:00

The gate at Villavägen 8 is closed due to construction works. It will re-open late spring 2024.

The three gates facing Uppsala Castle, The Segerstedt Building and Carolina Rediviva (Uppsala University Library) are closed. The will re-open 1 May. 

The Tropical Greenhouse

  • September–May: Tuesday–Friday 9:00–15:00, and Saturday and Sunday 12:00–15:00.
  • June–August: Tuesday–Friday 9:00–16:00, Thursdays 9:00–18:00, and Saturday and Sunday 11:00–16:00.

Closed on Midsummer Eve.

The Orangery, Linneanum

  • September–May: Tuesday–Friday 9:00–15:00, and Saturday and Sunday 12:00–15:00.

Closed on public holidays. Closed on Midsummer Eve.

Opening times during public holidays may vary.

Opening times during events in the Botanical Garden may also vary.

Guided Tours

The park and gardens

June–August: Saturdays and Sundays at 14:00 (13:00 in Swedish)

Buy your tour ticket in advance (from April). Fee SEK 60, includes entrance fee to the Tropical Greenhouse, where the guided tour starts.

Tropical Greenhouse

October–May: First Sunday of the month (in Swedish) 

Tickets can not be booked in advance.

Opening times Café Victoria, The Botanical Garden

  • May: every day 11:00–15:00. May close early in bad weather
  • June–August: weekdays 10:00–17:00m, weekends 11:00–17:00
  • September: weekdays 11:00–15:00, weekends 11:00–17:00. Closed on rainy days. 

Closed Midsummer Eve and Midsummer Day.

The Botanical Garden: admission charges

The Park

  • Free of charge

The Tropical Greenhouse:

  • Adults SEK 60 
  • Senior citizens 65 + SEK 60 
  • Students SEK 60 (students at Uppsala University free entry)
  • Children (ages 0–17) free of charge

The Linneanum Orangery

  • Free of charge

Admission charge may apply for exhibitions and events.

The Linnaean Gardens of Uppsala: annual pass

The annual card of the Linnaean Gardens of Uppsala gives you free admission to the Tropical Greenhouse, the Linnaeus Garden, the Linnaeus Museum and Linnaeus’ Hammarby. It also give you a 50% discount on special tours. 

The annual pass is valid for one calendar year and is sold in our museum shops or at the garden office in The Botanical Garden during office hours.

An annual pass costs 250 SEK.

Getting to the Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden is framed by Dag Hammarskjölds väg, Thunbergsvägen, Norbyvägen and Villavägen; the visiting address is Villavägen 6-8.

You will find pedestrian entrances at Thunbergsvägen, Dag Hammarskjölds väg (May-October), Norbyvägen, Plantskolegränd, and "Rosengången".

The entrance at Villavägen 8 is closed until spring 2024.

Going by bus to the Botanical Garden

The city buses stop directly outside the Botanical Garden at the bus stops named Blåsenhus, Evolutionsmuseet and Botaniska . Visit the website for UL (public transport) to find the bus timetables for lines 1 (white), 2 (red), 7 (light blue), 11 (grey line)  and 12 (yellow). Line 2 also stops at Gamla Uppsala (Old Uppsala). Line 12 is cancelled from mid-June until mid-August.

Parking areas near of the Botanical Garden

There are parking areas at Villavägen 6 (GPS coordinates 59.852031, 17.625407). There are only 10 parking spaces, all on the side facing Thunbergsvägen. To pay the parking fee use the EasyPark app in your phone.

There are also parking areas at Norbyvägen 18, and Plantskolegränd.

Parking for the disabled is available near the Orangery at Villavägen 6 and in the southern part of the garden at Villavägen 12. The parking by the Tropical Glasshouses and Café Victoria, Villavägen 8, is closed until spring 2024. 

Map showing parking spaces within the garden.

The photo shows the parking lots at Villvavägen 6, reserved for visitors to the Botanical Garden. The pence by Thunbergsvägen is in the background.
Visitors' parking in the Botanical Garden, Villavägen 6.

Parking for coaches is available close to Uppsala Cathedral at S:t Eriks torg and Riddartorget.

Map of the Botanical Garden in Uppsala

The Botanical Garden: accessibility


Toilets suitable for wheelchair users are available beside the Tropical Greenhouse (throughout the year) and by the pond shed close to the Linneanum Orangery (May–October).

Accessibility by wheelchair

The Tropical Greenhouse is accessible for wheelchair users. 

The Linneanum Orangery has a steep ramp on the south side. The threshold of the door can be removed if required – please contact the garden staff for help.

The gates in the east part of the Baroque Garden are closed wintertime. They close when the first snow falls and open again 1 May. 

Induction loop

An induction loop is available on loan for guided tours during the winter months. During the rest of the year it has to be booked in advance (e-mail to our booking office).

Parking and mobility service

Disabled parking spaces are available at Villavägen 6, Villavägen 14, and during the summer months at Plantskolegränd 4. The two parking spaces with access from Villavägen 8, close to the Tropical Greenhouse, are closed due to construction work until spring 2024.

  • The distance from these parking spaces at Villavägen 6 to the entrance of the orangery Linneanum is 100 meters. 
  • The distance from these parking spaces at Villavägen 6 to the entrance of the Tropical Greenhouse is 300 meters. 
  • The distance from these parking space at Villavägen 14 to the entrance of the Tropical Greenhouse is 200 meters. 
  • The distance from these parking space at Villavägen 14 to the entrance of Café Victoria is 250 meters. 
  • The distance from these parking space at Plantskolegränd 4 to the entrance of the Tropical Greenhouse is approximately 150 meters. 
  • The distance from these parking space at Plantskolegränd 4 to the entrance of Café Victoria is approximately 200 meters.

From November 2022 until spring 2024 mobility service may use the gates at Villavägen 10–12 to leave or pick up customers to the Tropical Greenhouse. Please observe that you enter an areas with heavy traffic and unprotected people. Drive with care!

You will find a designated area for drop off and pick up about 20 meters from the gates on your left. The distance from the drop off area to the entrance of the greenhouse i approximately 70 meters. The gates have the same opening hours as the Tropical Greenhouse. Exit through the same gates. 

Please, use the street outside the gates at Plantskolegränd for mobility service when the Tropical Greenhouse is closed. The distance from the gates to the entrance of the greenhouse is approximately 150 meters.

Photography in the Linnaean Gardens

Photography and filming for private use

As a private person you are welcome to take photographs outdoors in our gardens and inside in the glasshouses. Please respect other visitors' privacy and do not damage the plants or plantations. You are not permitted to put up screens or to stand or walk in the flower beds.

Photography and filming for commercial use

Commercial wedding photography, portrait photography, fashion photography and such is only permitted by written agreement with the Linnaean Gardens of Uppsala.

If you intend to use our facilities for commercial photography, please contact our booking service by e-mail at least one week before the visit.

For everybody's enjoyment

Please help us to keep our gardens clean and tidy.

  • Do not walk in the flower beds or damage the plants.
  • Do not pick flowers, leaves, nuts, seeds or twigs.
  • You are welcome to taste windfall fruit from the ground, but do not pick fruit that is still on the tree. Never taste a fruit unless you are certain what it is.
  • Do not move or damage the labels.
  • Keep dogs on a lead at all times.
  • Only guide dogs are allowed into glasshouses and other buildings.
  • Motor vehicles are not permitted in our gardens.
  • Bicycles are only allowed on the main paths. Please be considerate of pedestrians!
  • Please do not touch objects, furniture, or wallpaper in the historic buildings.
Last modified: 2023-12-18