Self-led visits

You are welcome to bring your class or your pre-schoolers to our gardens. Please call us or send an e-mail to our booking office in advance and we will recommend the best spots for your group to visit. 

In The Botanical Garden you can learn about Swedish trees and shrubs (in Swedish) or print a map to find all our nesting boxes for birds.

Trees and shrubs from Swedish nature

Native Swedish trees and shrubs are planted in the areas surrounding the building Linneanum and in the Baroque Garden. Along the the foot paths you will find signposts with species names. The texts are written in Swedish.

Find all the trees and shrubs on the map.

Fågelholkar för ökad mångfald

I Botaniska trädgården finns flera olika fågelholkar uppsatta. Kan du hitta tornfalkens sittpinne, kattugglans boplats och fladdermössens holkar? 

Skriv ut en holkkarta (pdf) och gå på holkjakt i Botaniska trädgården. 

Last modified: 2023-05-02