The Victoria hall

The Victoria hall, Tropical Greenhouse, Botanical Garden. Photo Jesper Kårehed, Uppsala University.

The giant water lily Victoria cruziana from the Amazonas with its enormous leaves dominates the pond in the Victoria hall in summertime. The Victoria flowers only open at night. A contrast to the huge flowers of the Victoria is the watermeal Wolffia arrhiza, which has the smallest flowers of all plants—the entire plant is about one millimetre.

Here you also get the opportunity to see how commonly cultivated tropical plants look like. Around the pond you will find banana Musa (several species), cacao Theobroma cacao, cinnamon Cinnamomum verum, vanilla Vanilla planifolia, sugarcane Saccharum officinale, black pepper Piper nigrum, and rice Oryza sativa.

Last modified: 2022-05-04