The Tropical Greenhouse

The Tropical Greenhouse is home to plants originating in warmer climates than that of Sweden. Here you will find plants from deserts, rainforests, steppes and savannahs. You can stroll among orchids, lianas, palms and carnivorous plants.

Nelumbo – lotus flower in The Tropical Greenouse, The Botanical Garden in Uppsala. Pinkish white flower with seed pods on the foreground.There are many cultivated tropical plants in the greenhouse which are raw materials that we use daily in Sweden, though few Swedes have seen the living plant. Manila hemp is used to make teabags, oil palm to make soap and shampoo, the cocoa tree gives us chocolate and the nuts of the sacred lotus are edible (image).

One of the largest greenhouse plants is the Victoria amazonica. The smallest is the rootless duckweed, Wolffia arrhiza. One plant is no larger than this: o