The Botanical Garden – from a magnificent baroque garden to tropical greenery

Photo of The Baroque Garden in The Botanical Garden, with trimmed pyramid shaped spruces.

Explore the garden

There are plenty of areas to explore in The Botanical Garden. The layout of The Baroque Garden traces its roots to the 17thand 18thcenturies. The impressive 200-year-old Linneanum building contains The Orangery, still in use for its original purpose.

Across the street, you can enjoy the lush vegetation of The Tropical Greenhouse, explore alpine plants, vegetables, annual plants and perennials, and much more. Learn more about some of our highlights:

We run and develop the Botanical Garden

The Linnaean Gardens of Uppsala

The Botanical Garden is run by Uppsala University with economic contribution from Uppsala municipality. Together with Linnaeus’ Hammarby and the Linnaeus Garden it constitutes the Linnaean Gardens of Uppsala.

Historical buildings

The Baroque Garden and Linneanum with the Orangery became listed historical buildings in 1935 and are administered by the National Property Board.