The Botanical Garden

Welcome to one of the most popular sights in Uppsala, with a magnificent baroque garden, a 200 years old orangery and the only rainforest in Uppsala!

The gates towards Uppsala castle are closed until May 2024. 

The Baroque Garden with the orangery building Linneanum, as seen from Uppsala Castle.

Cultural history and botany in a beautiful setting

The Botanical Garden is one of Uppsala's most popular destinations. Here you can enjoy the grandiose Baroque Garden, visit the 200 year old orangery with its majestic halls or find inspiration for home growing among rockery plants, vegetables, summer flowers and plants in the systemic quarters. The Tropical Greenhouse is home to Uppsala's only rainforest!

The Botanical Garden hosts concerts, art exhibitions and other events. Visit the gardens to learn, find inspiration and enjoy the richness of the plant kingdom.

The Botanical Garden throughout the year

The Botanical Garden is open for visitors throughout the year. Each season offers something special.

During the winter the geometric shapes of the Baroque Garden are particularly striking, the Linneanum Orangery is full of Mediterranean trees and bushes, and the Tropical Greenhouse is a haven of warmth and light. With the coming of spring the lawns and rockeries burst with flowering bulbs and anemones. The magnolias, cherries and tulips come into bloom. A wide range of plants continue the floral display throughout the summer. As late summer approaches the kitchen gardens are at their most beautiful and the autumn offers a colourful display from both native and exotic trees and bushes.

Last modified: 2024-04-08