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Closeup of the leaves of a banana plant int the Tropical Greenhouse, with the sun light Shining through the greener.

Plants of the world

 – for knowledge, inspiration and joy!

The Linnaean Gardens contain around 7,000 plants. Information about which plants we grow and where can be found in our plant database.

The 'Plant of the week' features give more information about many of the Botanical Garden's plants (in Swedish). 

You can also learn about some of the plants at Linnaeus' Hammarby that have been growing there since the 18th century (in Swedish). 

Plants in Uppsala Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden is home to many unusual plant varieties which have been collected during expeditions around the world. One of the purposes of the gardens is to provide plant material for research and teaching at the university. We also collect seeds in our gardens which we share with other botanical gardens in an international seed exchange.

Some of the plants grown here are endangered. By cultivating them, we save the species and generate understanding for biodiversity. 

In our garden you can also find inspiration for your own garden. 

Plants of The Linnaeus Garden

In the Linnaeus Garden we only grow plants that we know were grown by Linnaeus.

The plants are arranged according to Linnaeus’ sketches. The organisation of the garden reflects his Sexual System, the distinction between spring and autumn flowering plants, and different aquatic ecosystems.

Plants at Linnaeus’ Hammarby

All plants at Linnaeus’ Hammarby were either grown by Linnaeus or popular in gardens in the 18th century.

Outside the manor at Hammarby we have reconstructed Linnaeus’ plantings using his plant lists. About 40 species of plants also remain from Linnaeus’ time in the 18th century and constitute a valuable biological  heritage.

Last modified: 2024-05-16