The West Wing

The Eastern fasade and Southern short side of the West wing. It is an oblong log house clad in horizontal wood panel. It is built on a stone masonry foundation and roofed with red clay pentiles. The facade is falu red and the front door and window frames are white. The house is made in three sections. The middle section is in two storeys with a pyramidal roof. It has a front door and two windows on the ground floor, and one window on the upper floor. The right and left sections of the house are in one storey with a gable roof. They have two windows each on the Eastern facade, and a small window on the Southern gable.

The detached west wing was the Linnaeus family’s first home at Hammarby, while they waited for work on the main house to be completed. After that it was probably occupied by one of the tenants who farmed the estate.

Today an exhibition about Linnaeus and Linnaeus’ Hammarby can be seen here.

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The East Wing

Last modified: 2021-01-22