The Uppland Garden

The Uppland Garden in the early Summer. In the foreground is a flowerbed with different blooming plants, among them a dark pink paeony. In the background are trees and blooming herbs and shrubs.

The Uppland Garden, or Hortus Uplandicus, is a small Baroque garden that was established in the 1880s to show what ornamental plants were grown in gardens in the province of Uppland in the 18th century. The name Hortus Uplandicus comes from a series of manuscripts which Linnaeus wrote as a student in 1730–31, listing plants he had seen in gardens around Uppland, including Uppsala University Botanical Garden and the Uppsala Castle Garden.

The upper part of the Uppland Garden may have been enclosed for cultivation in Linnaeus’ own day, but it is not known what was grown here. When the state bought Hammarby in 1879 this area was a stable yard.

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Last modified: 2021-01-22