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The private estate of Carl Linnaeus and his family.

We run and develop Linnaeus' Hammarby

The Linnaean Gardens of Uppsala 

Linnaeus’ Hammarby is run by Uppsala University with economic contribution from Uppsala municipality. Together with the Botanical Garden and the Linnaeus Garden it constitutes the Linnaean Gardens of Uppsala.

Historical building

Hammarby was owned by Linnaeus’ descendants until 1879 when the estate was bought by the state. The main buildings and the surrounding park became a listed historical building in 1935 and are administered by the National Property Board.

Cultural reserve

In 2007, Hammarby and the surrounding agricultural land and forest became a cultural reserve. Pastures, meadows, kitchen garden and hop-garden are tended using traditional methods. The reserve is administered by the County Administrative Board of Uppsala. The reserve and nature trails are open throughout the year.

Last modified: 2023-12-08