Our three gardens

The Botanical Garden, the Linnaeus Garden, the Linnaeus Museum, Linnaeus' Hammarby

Close-up on the floder of feijoa Acca sellowiana in the Tropical Greenhouse. The petats are fruity an white while the stamens are brightly red.

Visit our three gardens

The Botanical Garden with the Tropical Greenhouse and the Linneanum Orangery is just west of Uppsala Castle and is open all year round.

The Linnaeus Garden with the Linnaeus Museum is open May-September. The museum is open to pre-booked groups in winter. The garden is in central Uppsala, just north of the pedestrian street.

At Linnaeus' Hammarby, about 10 kilometers from Uppsala, the cultural reserve is open all year round. The park, buildings, café and shop are open May-September.

Our mission

The Linnaean Gardens’ role includes exhibiting a well-cared for and clearly labelled plant collection that is documented in a globally accessible database. At Linnaeus’ Hammarby and the Linnaeus Garden, the plants are an important part of the historic value of the sites. The gardens are also places for inspiration and recreation: they are popular destinations for both Uppsala residents and visiting tourists.

In the Botanical Garden, plant are grown primarily to be used for research and education at the University, and for activities aimed at preschools and schools. The Garden also contributes to preserving biological diversity.

Read more about the mission of The Linnaean Gardens of Uppsala.

Last modified: 2023-04-27