The pupils of Linnaeus explored the world

Linnaeus was very popular among the students in Uppsala, and he inspired many to follow his path. Much was still to discover in Sweden, but expeditions abroad were arranged as well. New discoveries waited for those daring to travel.

Illustration Hans Sjögren. Sveriges Nationalatlas, from Bd. Växter och djur

Linnaeus sent several of his pupils to different countries and continents. Some travelled with the ships of the East India Company. Linnaeus was very enthusiastic about his students' journeys and he called them his apostles. He eagerly waited for them to send home plants and animals to him. Most of his pupils had a plant genus named after them and they are in this way immortal.

The journeys of Linnaeus pupils gave important contributions to the knowledge about the biology and geography of the world. Not all of them survived however. In the tropical countries they caught malaria and other diseases. Seven of Linnaeus’ apostles never returned.

Last modified: 2021-11-25