Childhood and youth

Strömer says in his commemorative speech:

”Our departed KLINGENSTJERNA was born on August 18, 1698, on Tolefors Estate, in Kjärna Parish, just outside Lindköping. His father, Zacharias Klingenstjerna, Son of the Bishop of Götheborg, Zacharias Klingius, formerly Queen Christina's Court Chaplain, and graced by her with Letters of Nobility for his children, was not at home long enough to see his Son's disposition, or take part in his upbringing. His profession required him to accompany the Swedish Army, wherefore he shared in the glory that our forces earned under the leadership of the Heroic King Charles XII. He never returned; for he left his life [in 1708] on his sickbed, in Saxony, as a Major, having defended it in manly fashion in many epic battles, in the service of his Fatherland.”

His mother, Helena Maria Gyllenadler, died two years later, but Samuel ”was already placed in such good hands that his future fame could be predicted, as his inborn genius developed.” It was the bishop of Linköping, later archbishop in Uppsala, Haqvin Spegel, who took over the education of the future mathematical genius. Early on Samuel learned by heart classical Latin poems by Ovid, Horace, and Virgil. After graduating from upper-secondary school in Linköping he headed for Uppsala and registered at the University on January 11, 1717.

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