Researching Students

Linnaeus had a large number of disciples. They are often called “Linneans,” and those who ventured out into the world beyond the borders of Sweden were referred to as his “apostles.” Both terms obliged them to pursue science and disseminate available knowledge. We might consider Linnaeus’ role as the teacher, the exemplar. We can also discern what seems to have been a certain authoritarian attitude on the part of Linnaeus in relation to his students. What might Linnaeus have taught them? Those who accompanied him in his travels must have been impressed with his ability to interview the local populace – how he approached those who had information and could contribute to answering the core question “to what benefit?” Many of his students became physicians in the provinces, some pharmacists, but others priests. An interesting phenomenon, not least from an educational point of view, was their dissertations.

Last modified: 2022-02-16