Further Reading

Most of the information in the section ‘Linnaeus as a Physician’ can be found in the list of references included in the original version, in Swedish. However, very little of what is on this list has been translated into English. Exceptions are one of his travelogues and some of his dissertations. For further reading in English, please see:

  • Wilfrid Blunt, The Compleat Naturalist, A Life of Linnaeus, Francis Lincoln Limited. London 2001
  • Linnaeus, The Man and His Work, Tore Frängsmyr, Editor. Science History Publications, USA 1994
  • Letters to Linnaeus, Sandra Knapp and Quentin Wheeler, Editors. The Linnean Society of London 2009

In the book Letters to Linnaeus, the editor of Linnaeus Online writes a letter to Linnaeus to tell him about the Internet project and its contents, written prior to the addition of the ‘Linnaeus as a Physician’ section.

This note about further reading was written by The editor of Linnaeus Online, Gunnar Tibell.

Last modified: 2022-02-16