Heritage trees

Among the three trillion trees on earth, some are especially unique. They might be particularly large, old, or stand out in the perspective of history, culture, or science. Such trees are known as heritage trees, and they have been acknowledged in many cities and regions across the world.

The concept has now reached Sweden, as some of the most remarkable trees in Uppsala have been identified. Here, you can see the locations and read more about the heritage trees of Uppsala. Additional trees and more information will be added continuously.

  1. The Spruce of Stadsskogen – where to find the larges spruce of Stadsskogen
  2. The Pine of Kronparken – where to find the pine of Kronparken
  3. The birch avenue – where to find the birch avenue
  4. The oak in Vårdsätra – where to find the oak in Vårdsätra
Karta över Uppsala med omnejd där siffrorna visar kulturarvsträdens position.
1. The Spruce of Stadsskogen
2. The Pine of Kronparken
3. The birch avenue
4. The oak in Vårdsätra
Last modified: 2023-06-20