Educational sessions in The Linnaean Gardens

In the Linnaean Gardens of Uppsala – the Botanical Garden, the Linnaeus Garden and Linnaeus' Hammarby – we offer lessons for all ages. Our aim is to evoke curiosity about nature and to make the students understand the relationship between organisms. The lessons suit students from preschool to high school and collage level.

Welcome to take part of enjoyable learning for all ages!

Guided visits for schools

We offer a wide range of themed guided visits adapted for schools and preschools. These visits take about 45 minutes. The different visits can be combined, and we will be happy to help tailor your visit to your needs and requirements.

Some examples of themes:

  • Flower identification / Plant detectives
  • Find five seeds / Fruits and seeds
  • Buds
  • Swedish trees
  • The wonderful forms of plants / Evolution in focus
  • Plants of the desert
  • Secrets of the rainforest / Jungle expedition / The lungs of the earth
  • Tropical crops
  • Joy, vice and healing
  • Diversity in danger
  • Sorting like Linnaeus
  • Life in the 18th century
  • Linnaeus as a scientist

Read more about the different themed visits in our leaflet(pdf).

Junior classes in the Botanical Garden

Welcome to an eventful year at the Botanical Garden. In the spring we are oinviting all of Uppsala’s preschools and junior (6-year-old) classes to plant coneflowers (Rudbeckia) and marigolds (Tagetes) in the baroque garden. In October we will be planting garlic in the kitchen garden.

2021 Programme (with recommended ages)

  • 1st Juni : Dance and plant summer flowers and pottoes
  • 8th September: Röris – physical activity with Friskis&Svettis

The invitation (in Swedish) gives more details about the activities; the last booking date for spring activities is May 5th and for fall acitivties August 27th! Bookings are made by e-mail to

Last modified: 2022-03-08