Exhibitions in the Linnaean Gardens

In our permanent exhibitions you can learn more about Carl Linnaeus and his science, and about family life at Hammarby, in the garden and in the town.

During the summers we arrange art exhibitions outdoors and indoors in The Linnaeus Garden, at Linnaeus' Hammarby, and in The Botanical Garden.

You can search our plant data base of the plants grown in the Botanical Garden, and learn more about some of the plants that remain at Linnaeus’ Hammarby since the 18th century. In the articles about ’plant of the week’ you can discover more about many of the plants of the Botanical Garden.

Eager spring in the Orangery

Spring kicks off with sprouting bulbs. Welcome to be inspired of and to enjoy longed-for greenness.

Buy a rare bulb for your own garden. An exhibition with spring feelings among almonds, oranges and pomme granades, in cooperation with STA (the society of garden amateurs), the bulb expert Gerben Tjeerdsma, as well as the floral artists Monika Ågren and Marie Falestam.

Mars 23–31, 2019

Open Tuesday–Thursday 5.30 pm–7.30 pm, and Friday–Sunday 11am–5pm, in the Orangery.

Bulbi Rudbeckii

Illustrations of bulbous plants from Olof Rudbeck’s magnificent Campus elysii. All plants selected were cultivated in the Linnaeus Garden by Rudbeck in the 17th century.

May 1 – September 30, 2019

Open Tuesday–Sunday 11am–5pm in May and September, and Monday–Sunday 11am–5pm in June–August. In the Orangery in the Linnaeus Garden.

Natura Curiosa

The US artist Brandy Kraft shows plants in ainnovative way in her colourful paintings. She preserves the beauty of fantasy flowers for future generations.

May 11 – July 14, 2019

Open Tuesday–Sunday 11am–5pm, at Linnaeus' Hammarby.

Walks in nature

An exhibition of paintings by ten Czech artists emphasising a diversity of plants and landscapes.

July 20 – September 29, 2019

Open Tuesday–Sunday 11am–5pm in July and August, and Friday-Sunday 11am–5pm in September, at Linnaeus' Hammarby.

Participating artists:

  • Milena Záležáková / Tjeckien
  • Andrea Schmidt / Frankrike
  • Zdeněk Kopecký / Tjeckien
  • Hana Mňuková / Tjeckien
  • Marek Zimka / Slovakien
  • Jitka Havlíčková / Tjeckien
  • Eva Faldynová / Tjeckien
  • Jaroslava Drechslerová / Tjeckien
  • Nina Urbanová / Tjeckien
  • Ivana Ševčíková / Tjeckien

Eight Czech artists and there guests exhibit their art works at Linnaeus Hammarby, July 20 – September 29, 2019.

Linnaeus and his garden

Permanent exhibition, open May to September. In the Orangery, Linnaeus Garden.

Linnaeus at Hammarby

An exhibition about Carolus Linnaeus and the life of his family at Hammarby.

Permanent exhibition open May–September. Texts available in English, in the western wing at Linnaeus' Hammarby.