Eggplant in the kitchen

The fruit of the eggplant contains a natural bitterness, which means that the fruit is rarely eaten raw. When cooked the flavours change and get richer. Young unripe fruits have less bitterness and can therefore be used as vegetables.

The trick to make it really tasty is to let it soak with salt and then cook it for a long time. The salt affects the structure of the fruit, giving it a more pleasant texture, and making the eggplant absorbing less fat.

The rich taste of the eggplant is suitable for most flavour combinations. Some safe bets to combine with eggplants are basil, feta, black olives, tomatoes, garlic and yogurt. But why don’t you dare to try some more adventurous combinations, such as red chilli, curry, fennel seeds, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom and raisins.