Tomatoes, potatoes and eggplants

Illustration made by Sven Holmberg showing the platnt family Solanaceae.

The Potato family at harvest time

Every third year the Botanical Garden host a harvest exhibition. In 2020 the theme of the exhibition is Solanaceae, the potato family. In the family you find delicious vegetables such as tomato, bell pepper, chili and eggplant, as well as deadliy poisonous medical plants. Enjoy your reading about the biology, use and history of the potato family and its members.

The Potato family at harvest time

This years harvest exhibition is mix of hot chilis, sweet tomatoes, and nourishing aubergine. Welocome to a colourful exhibition about the potato family. 

5–13 September 2020

The Exhibition is open every day 11am–4pm, in and around the kitchen garden in the Botanical Garden.