Nemore in flore

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  • Location: Linnés Hammarby Linnaeus' Hammarby, the east wing
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  • Organiser: Uppsala linneanska trädgårdar
  • Contact person: Per Erixon
  • Utställning, Kulturevenemang

Exhibition of botanical illustrations by Anneli Frisk. You might recognise her work from the stamp booklet 'Sweden's national flower' and from several textbooks. Open Tuesday–Sunday 11:00–17:00.

With inspiration from her half-wild turn-of-the-century garden and the surroundings around lake Mälaren, Anneli Frisk depicts plants, vegetables and fruit with an impressive wealth of detail.


The artist's words about the exhibition 'Nemore in flore' – glade in bloom:

"Nature is our constant companion. We are all a part of that world and plants are our best friends. They provide us with food and ensure that our lungs are filled with oxygen. The flowering plants are also beautiful to rest your eyes on and a joy to depict. I have spent many hours in my studio and outside in the greenery with my friends, paper and brushes. You get to meet some of them at Hammarby this summer."

Included in the entrance fee to Linnaeus' Hammarby.

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