Haymaking at Hammarby

  • Date: –16:00
  • Location: Linnés Hammarby Kulturreservatet Linnés Hammarby.
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  • Organiser: Uppsala linneanska trädgårdar i samarbete med Länsstyrelsen Uppsala län och SLU Agrarhistoria.
  • Contact person: Lotta Saetre
  • Temadag, Kulturevenemang

Learn how to use a scythe and a rake. Listen to music and stories as you work. Buy old varieties of vegetables from the garden.

Entrance fee to the museum and park 80 SEK. Free entrance to the museum and park for visitors wearing 18th century costume.  The haymaking takes place in the Culture Reserve and the Soldier's Homestead, Linnaeus' Hammarby.

Haymaking at Hammarby

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Last modified: 2021-01-22