Exhibitions in the Linnaean Gardens

In our permanent exhibitions you can learn more about Carl Linnaeus, his science, and the family's life in Uppsala and at Hammarby..

We arrange temporary art exhibitions during summer in The Linnaeus Garden, at Linnaeus' Hammarby, and in The Botanical Garden.

W have a collection of more than 8.000 plantspecies and varieties in the Linnaean Gardens. You can search our plant data base of the plants grown in the Botanical Garden, and learn more about some of the plants that remain at Linnaeus’ Hammarby since the 18th century. In the articles about ’plant of the week’ you can discover more about many of the plants of the Botanical Garden.

Himmeli – Strax mobiles from Lycka

Traditional straw art meeting modern influences. Beautiful straw mobiles created by Per-Åke Backman, from the small village of Lycka in Leksand, Dalecarlia.

4–19 Mars 2023

Open Tuesday – Sunday 11–17 in July and August, Friday – Sunday 11–17 in September in the east wing, Linnaeus' Hammarby

Strax mobile with five plans, aning infon of a dark Brown wooden panel.

Fynd – fröställningar och andra förunderliga ting

Tove Lindström.

6 May – 2 July 2023

Open Tuesday – Sunday 11–17 in the east wing, Linnaeus' Hammarby. 

Closed on Midsummer's Eve

Collage of treasures from nature arranged by artist Tove Lindström.

The Linnaeus Garden 100 years

Black and white photos from the early 18th century when the Linnaeus Garden was restored from a park to a museum garden.

23 June– 26 September 2021

Open Monday – Sunday 11–17 June – August and Tuesday – Sunday 11–17 in September, in the orangery in The Linnaeus Garden.

Closed on Midsummer's Eve.

Postcard from the late 19th century showing students walking along a gravel path. In the background the low orangery building of the Linnaeus Garden.

Nemore in flore

Illustrations by Anneli Frisk.

8 July – 3 September 2023

Open Tuesday – Sunday 11–17 in the east wing, Linnaeus' Hammarby

Illustration by artist Anneli Frisk, showing onions, an artichoke and tomatoes.

Linnaeus and his garden

An exhibition about Carl Linnaeus and the history of the garden.

Permanent exhibition, open May–September. In the Orangery, The Linnaeus Garden.

Linnaeus at Hammarby

An exhibition about Carolus Linnaeus and the life of his family at Hammarby.

Permanent exhibition open May–September, in the western wing at Linnaeus' Hammarby.

Last modified: 2023-03-23