Exhibitions and events in The Linnaean Gardens of Uppsala

Botany, history, culture and knowledge

Every year the gardens, associations and other organizers invite you to 70 different events or exhibitions in the Linnaean Gardens. At guided tours and other garden events you can learn more about Linnaeus, botany and cultivation. You can listen to music, attend theater performances or admire art works. Several associations also offer the opportunity to exercise in the gardens: boules, tai chi, yoga.

Download the entire program for 2019 (in Swedish). The program för 2020 will be printed in January/February.

Exercise – recreation – culture

Ride your bike to Linnaeus' Hammarby or hike in the cultural reserve; try Qi Gong, Yoga, Taiji or boules in the Botanical Garden; dance in the Linnaeus garden.

Buy tickets for a theater performance or concert. Enjoy art works, beautiful flower beds and silence. Study, read a book or have a good coffee. In our gardens there is room for both rest and exercise!

Workout in the garden 2020

For daily information, contact the organizer.

Boules greens in the baroque garden: try out boules is available during competitions. Organizer Örsundsbro SK.

Senior Qigong at Sorbusplan (corner Norbyvägen-Villavägen, at the Nordic Africa Institute). Tuesdays May 28, June 4 and June 11, at 11am. Organizier the Swedish Church.

Qigong at Sorbusplan (corner Norbyvägen-Villavägen, at the Nordic Africa Institute): usually Mondays mid June - end of July, 5.30pm–7pm. For up-to-date information see the website for the organizer Biyunföreningen Gröna Draken.

Taiji in the baroque garden (close to Linneanum): Mondays in September, 6pm–7pm. For up-to-date information see the website for the organizer Uppsala Wudang Pai.

Summer yoga in the Botanical garden: ususally Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays, May - August. For more information, see the facebook page Sommaryoga i Uppsala.

Guided tours in the Linnaean Gardens

Summer time we offer scheduled guided tours in the Linnaeus garden, Linnaeus's Hammarby and the Botanical Garden.

Once a month in winter time you can attend a guided tour of the Tropical Greenhouse (in Swedish).

You will find up to date hours for the guided tours together with opening times of the three gardens.