Videos and podds

Below you will find links to digital offers from The Linnaean Gardens of Uppsala.


Museums and music at  vid Uppsala University: Uppsala universitets kulturarv finns överallt

See videos from the Botanical Gardens on Youtube 

See videos from the Linnaeus Garden and Linnaeus' Hammarby produced by Destination Uppsala, on Youtube

See videos from the Museum Night in Uppsala on Youtube


Listen to pod casts produced by the Linnaean Gardens of Uppsala (in Swedish)

Google Street View 

Google Street View 360 Virtual Tours in the Linnaeus Garden

Google Street View 360 Virtual Tours in the main building at Linnaeus' Hammarby

Social media

The Linnaean Gardens of Uppsala on Facebook

Linnaeus' Uppsala on Facebook: among other things photos from the daily work in the cultural reserve at Linnaeus' Hammarby

The Linnaeus museum on Facebook

For more photos from our three gardens follow #uppsalalinneanska on Instagram.

Last modified: 2023-05-03