Support the work of The Linnaean Gardens of Uppsala

The Uppsala Linnaean Gardens are important places of cultural heritage and visitor destinations in Uppsala. We preserve the heritage after Carl Linnaeus, his successor Carl Peter Thunberg and their scientific work. The plants we grow reflect a historical cultural heritage, current ongoing research and the diversity of the plant kingdom. Our plants are there for the joy and benefit of scientists, students, schools, preschools, but also the plant interested general public.

The Uppsala Linnaean Gardens are run by Uppsala University with support from Uppsala Municipality. Entrance fees and donations contribute to the development and preservation of the gardens for future generations.

If you as a private person want to support us and/or get involved in what we do, you can become a member in one of our friends' organisations. You can also support us by for example adopting one of our plants.

There are several possibilities for you to support us, if you wish. You are more than welcome to contact us by e-mail for a dialogue on how you can contribute to a secure future for our gardens.

Last modified: 2021-09-13