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The Uppsala University Botanical Garden is the oldest botanical garden in Sweden. It attained worldwide fame in the days of Olof Rudbeck and Carl Linnaeus. The old garden is today known as The Linnaeus Garden. The modern botanical garden is situated by Uppsala Castle and house more than 7,000 plant species. Linnaeus' Hammarby preserves an authentic 18th century milieu which few other Swedish manor-houses do.

Welcome to our three gardens where we successfully have combined botany and horticulture during more than 350 years!

Our mission

The Linnaean Gardens’ role includes exhibiting a well-cared for and clearly labelled plant collection that is documented in a globally accessible database. At Linnaeus’ Hammarby and the Linnaeus Garden, the plants are an important part of the historic value of the sites. The gardens are also places for inspiration and recreation: they are popular destinations for both Uppsala residents and visiting tourists.

In the Botanical Garden, plant are grown primarily to be used for research and education at the University, and for activities aimed at preschools and schools. The Garden also contributes to preserving biological diversity.

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Sweden's oldest botanic garden

Uppsala University’s Botanical Garden is the oldest in Sweden. It was founded in 1655 by the polymath Olof Rudbeck the elder, professor of medicine, on the site currently occupied by the Linnaeus Garden. In the middle of the 17th century Olof Rudbeck also founded the Uppsala Castle garden, which became the current Botanical Garden at the end of the 18th century.

The gardens had two periods of greatness,  the first under Olof Rudbeck the elder and the second under Carl Linnaeus, whose summer residence with surrounding garden and parkland is now also part of the Linnean heritage cared for by Uppsala University.

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The Botanical Garden, The Linnaeus Garden and Linnaeus’ Hammarby form The Linnaean Gardens of Uppsala as a subdepartment of  the Music and Museums division of Uppsala University. It is managed by the University with a financial contribution from Uppsala Municipality.

The Linnaean Gardens of Uppsala have an advisory steering group with representatives from Uppsala University and Uppsala Municipality.

Last modified: 2023-05-03