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Uppsala universitet
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Lamprocapnos spectabili Lamprocapnos spectabilis
Bleeding Heart

Born 1951; PhD 1986; Teacher at the department of Systematic Botany in Göteborg 1987-1997. 1998-2005 Director of the Botanic Gardens, Uppsala. From 2005 botanist in the garden, and researcher at Evolutionary Biology Center, Uppsala University. Field experience from Scandinavia, the Mediterranean area (mainly AndalucĂ­a, Morocco, and Algeria), China, Tibet, Nepal, Mongolia and Iran (Zagros). Research interests concern the family Fumariaceae and the genus Dionysia. Also interested in species concepts and systematic philosophy.

Main research projects, see below.

Selected publications

Corydalis ussuriensis Corydalis ussuriensis

A monograph of the genus Corydalis

Corydalis, with about 440 species, is mainly distributed in Central and East Asia. A monograph of the geophytic species has been prepared jointly with H. Zetterlund, Göteborg Botanic Garden. Other papers include a monograph of the section Fumarioides # 25, distributed mainly in the Himalayas and W China, and a revision of the Nepalese species (publ. # 10). The Chinese species are studied in cooperation with Su Zhi-Yun, Kunming, Wang Ying-Wei, Beijing, and Gao Xin-Fen, Chengdu (publication # 35, 41, 53, 56, 57, 58). I am eager to share information on all aspects of the genus with those who are interested. I am also willing to check material for determination.

Dicentra pauciflora Dicentra pauciflora

Phylogeny and taxonomy of the family Fumariaceae

The phylogeny of the family Fumariaceae has been elucidated with ITS and rps 16 intron sequences (publications # 27, 38). Morphological data, in particular seed-anatomical characters (publications # 31, 32) strongly support the molecular phylogeny. Based on these results the genus Dicentra in the classical sense has been split into four independent genera corresponding to previously recognized subgenera. The genus Corydalis can be naturally subdivided into three subgenera. A more detailed phylogeny is now being undertaken (with Rick Ree, Chicago and Wang Ying-Wei, Beijing national herbarium), with emphasis on Corydalis subgenus Corydalis.

Dionysia diapensifolia Dionysia diapensifolia

The genus Dionysia, systematics, biology and cultivation

(with Ida Trift, Stockholm, Henrik Zetterlund, Göteborg and Valiollah Mozaffarian, Tehran).

A molecular phylogeny was presented (Ida Trift et al., publications # 55) based on which a new classification is proposed, and five new species are described from the Zagros mountains (publications # 59).