The Linnaean Gardens of Uppsala – for anyone with an interest in nature

The Linnaean Gardens are a perfect excursion for anyone wishing to learn more about nature and are part of Uppsala's history. The Botanical Gardens feature plants from all over the world. Here, you can learn everything about both rainforest and desert plants as well as common Swedish trees. The Linnaeus Garden was Linnaeus' own garden. It was here that he carried out most of his work. At Linnaeus' Hammarby, you can see how Linnaeus and his family lived in the 1700s.

We have shows for all ages, from children in preschool to young people in lower and upper-secondary school.  They can be about anything from describing plants, finding out where the taste in chocolate, vanilla ice cream and cinnamon buns comes from to how evolution works. We also organise other activities for school and preschool, such as gardening, exhibitions, music and dance.

You can also take advantage of our self-guided tours. Linné Online is a web resource for pupils and teachers in lower and upper-secondary school who want to learn more about Linnaeus and how modern research is linked to his work.

Preschools in the Botanical Garden

Welcome to an eventful year at the Botanical Garden. In the spring we are once again inviting all of Uppsala’s preschools and junior (6-year-old) classes to plant coneflowers (Rudbeckia) and marigolds (Tagetes) in the school garden. There will also be a birthday party in May for the preschool childrens’ trees. In September Friskis&Svettis issue an invitation to Mini-Röris (exercise to music for younger children), and in October we will be planting tulip bulbs in the school garden.

2017 Programme (with recommended ages)

  • 10th May: The tree’s birthday party (2-4 years)
  • 30th May – 1st June: Dance and plant summer flowers (2-6 years)
  • 13th September: Mini-Röris beside the Linneanum Orangery (2-6 years)
  • 17th-19th October: Plant tulip bulbs for a more beautiful spring (4-6 years)

The invitation (in Swedish) gives more details about all the year’s activites; the last booking date for spring activities is May 1st! Bookings are made using this adress.

Aktiviteter för skola och förskola 2018