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Ikebana and Contemporary Plant Art

June 14th - September 14th, 2014

Open Tuesday – Sunday 11 am - 4 pm

NB! The Exhibition is not open before the official opening at 2 pm on June 14th

Saturday 14 June at 2 - 4 pm

All Artists present.

Sunday 15 June at 2 - 4 pm
Family day at the exhibition with many activities, e.g. tea ceremony, kimono display, kyudo (Japanese ceremonial archery) and kendo. Activities for children.

Entrance fee 60 SEK (incl. the Tropical greenhouse). Children under 16 free.
The Orangery, Botanical Garden.


Naoaki Donuma
Junichi Kakizaki
Katsuhito Kurata
Hiroki Ohara
Shizuko Ono
Ohya Rica
Hanayuishi Takaya




Kajsa Haglund

phone: +46 73-552 26 30

e-mail: kajsa.haglund@telia.com


Elisabet Yanagisawa Avén

phone: +46 70-491 23 11

e-mail: elisabet@yanagisawa.se

Project manager:

Per Erixon
phone: +46 70-495 46 62
e-mail: per.erixon@botan.uu.se

The Orangery in Linneanum

Linneanum in the Botanical Garden is a unique location for exhibition that really suits the ambition of Uppsala University to be a important player on the cultural scene.

Mats Block, Director of the Botanical Garden


Main Sponsor:

Huvudvärd Ikebana & Contemporary Plant Art


Sponsor Ikebana & Contemporary Plant Art






Project supported by:

Längmanska Kulturfonden

Kultur i Länet

Scandinavian Sasakawa Foundation

Thanks to:

Koh Phangan

Il Forno Italiano

Fullerö Handel


Under the auspices of the Embassy of Japan in Sweden

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Meet three of the artist in this film produced for Destination Uppsala

To see film, please click here.

Ikebana and Contemporary Plant Art in the Botanical Garden

In the summer of 2014, the magnificent 18th century Orangery in the botanical garden will house fantastic flower art. Seven invited Japanese artists will create their installations on site in June. The exhibition is unique by showing traditional Ikebana from the prestigious schools Ikenobo and Ohara alongside Japanese contemporary art inspired by the great diversity of the plant world. Plants from the Swedish forest and Linnaean Gardens of Uppsala are combined with cut flowers, shrubs, rocks, roots and branches. A magic synthesis of Japanese aesthetics and Swedish conditions!

The Orangery was built in honor of Carl Linnaeus on the initiative of Carl Peter Thunberg after his return from his pioneering expedition to Japan. It has since been a working Orangery and contains numerous large plants during the winter.

The artists of the exhibition are Naoaki Donuma, Junichi Kakizaki, Katsuhito Kurata, Hiroki Ohara, Shizuko Ono, Ohya Rica and Hanayuishi Takaya.
Exhibition curators are Kajsa Haglund and Elisabet Yanagisawa Avén .

The exhibition is open June 14 to September 14 , but the entire program of the Botanical Garden for 2014 is filled with inspiration from Japan.

Press release 2014-04-04 (in swedish)

Pictures from the opening ceremony:

Almost 500 persons came to see the exhibition.

Almost 500 persons came to see the exhibition on the opening day.

The Japanese ambassador in Sweden opened the exhibition.

The Japanese ambassador in Sweden opened the exhibition.

Artist Hanayuishi Takaya created four works on stage, during the opening ceremony.

Artist Hanayuishi Takaya created four works on stage, during the opening ceremony.

Samples from the artists previous work:

Hiroki Ohara; Mosaiced Structure Object Construction

Hiroki Ohara (Ohara School of Ikebana), Mosaiced Structure Object Construction.

Junichi Kakizaki, Noname (2010)

Junichi Kakizaki. Noname (2010)

Naoaki Donuma, The Saito Family Summer Villa.

Katsuhito Kurata (Ikenobo Socienty of Floral Art), Rikka style Ikebana.

Shizuko Ono. Detail from the art work Secret Garden.

Takaya Hanayuishi. Flower arrangement as hair dress.



Meet Japanese culture and a world of amazing plants in the Botanical Garden in Uppsala.